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    Roofing Services for Homes & Businesses of All Sizes

    Are you a home or business owner looking for licensed Winter Haven roofing contractors? CFL Roofing specializes in roof inspections, claims, repairs, and replacements for residential and commercial clients in Central Florida. From single-family houses to chain restaurants, our roofers are qualified and equipped to handle any project. We’re all about customer service, not over-quoting so we can make more money. After we inspect your roof, we will provide a fair estimate and the best recommendations we can.

    Unnoticed or neglected roof damage can quickly escalate beyond repair if not addressed quickly. We also have experience dealing with insurance companies and know how to handle the claims process in case of storm damage, hurricanes, and other severe weather conditions. We know that hurricanes and roof damage are the norm when you live in Central Florida. Fortunately, most insurance companies will cover repair or replacement when disaster strikes. We can help facilitate the claims process so that you have one less problem to deal with.

    Roof Inspections, Repairs, Claims & Re-Roofs

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    Florida’s unique weather conditions pose significant challenges to roofing structures. Tropical storms and hurricanes can cause severe damage, with high-speed winds ripping off shingles, tiles, or even sections of the roof. Heavy rainfall can lead to water seepage, causing structural damage, mold, and rot.

    Intense heat and a high UV index can cause roofing materials to degrade prematurely, leading to cracks, curling, and warping. Salt air in coastal areas can also corrode metal roofing systems. Additionally, high humidity encourages the growth of algae and moss, which can undermine the integrity of shingles over time. Regular roof inspections and maintenance performed by licensed Winter Haven roofing contractors are essential to keep your roof in good shape.

    Keep Your Home or Business Protected

    Roof inspection

    Winter Haven Roof Inspections

    Our expert roofers will conduct a thorough inspection to identify any urgent repair needs or safety issues before providing a free estimate.

    metal roofing

    Winter Haven Roof Repairs

    Our contractors are on hand to provide repairs as soon as possible so that you can get back to business as usual.

    Roof replacement

    Winter Haven Re-Roofs

    An entire replacement might be required if we determine that your current roof poses a safety risk to you and your occupants.

    Tile roofing

    Winter Haven Roof Coating

    Protecting your home or business with a strong roof is important in case of severe weather, especially if you live in a coastal area.

    Winter Haven Roofing Contractors You Can Depend On

    Hiring a licensed Winter Haven roofing contractor is crucial to ensure quality workmanship, safety, and legal protection. Our licensed roofers have demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in our field and adhere to building codes and industry standards 100% of the time. We also carry insurance to protect homeowners from liability in case of accidents or injuries on the job.

    Roof damage is already expensive and stressful without the addition of an inexperienced contractor. Going with an unlicensed roofer can make your existing damage even worse, violate local regulations, and result in penalties or fines. Make sure your roof is in good hands by hiring our Winter Haven roofers for your repair needs!

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    Types of Roofing Materials & Systems

    metal roofing

    Metal roofing

    Metal roofs offer several benefits; they are incredibly long-lasting and able to withstand severe wind speeds of up to 140mph. They’re even resistant to fire and lightning strikes!

    TPO Roofing

    TPO roofing

    TPO consists of a single ply roofing system with three layers. This material is especially resistant to UV and heat, making it a top choice for Florida home and business owners.

    Tile roofing

    Tile roofing

    Tile roofing systems typically consist of concrete or clay materials. Tile is also long-lasting, sustainable, and provides superior insulation due to its density.

    shingle roofing

    Shingle roofing

    Asphalt is the most popular type of shingle due to its withstanding durability, lightweight materials, fire resistance, and extended warranties. Homeowners also love the wide color selection.

    slope roofing

    Low slope roofing

    Low slope systems are more commonly used in residential structures and consist of three main components: the membrane, the insulation, and the deck.

    Find Roofing Contractors Near Me

    Most people don’t notice they have a problem until their roof starts leaking or disrupting day-to-day life. Even if nothing is seemingly wrong, we recommend scheduling annual inspections to keep your roof in the best shape possible. We currently serve the following areas:

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