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    Roof Inspections, Repairs & Replacement

    Looking for reliable Hunter’s Creek roofing contractors to perform work on your home or business? CFL delivers exceptional customer service and results to every client, small or large. From local homeowners to multi-location companies, we have the expertise and capabilities to best serve you. We have completed a diverse range of commercial and residential roofing projects of all sizes. Whether your roof requires routine maintenance or a full restoration, do not wait to book an inspection with our Kissimmee roofing contractors today. Our licensed Hunter’s Creek roofers provide many preventative and restorative services including but not limited to:

    • Commercial roofing
    • Residential roofing
    • Emergency roof repair
    • Re-roofing
    • Roof coating
    • Roof inspections

    Roofing Services in Hunter’s Creek, FL


    We understand that choosing a roofing company is an important decision that directly affects your home or business. Our Winter Park roofing contractors are highly trained in all roofing materials and systems. Storm damage and other environmental factors take quite a toll on your roof, resulting in dangerous symptoms including leaks, rust, structural damage, cracks, moisture damage, and mold. If undetected, the damage can worsen until your roof is non-functional or beyond repair. Our Windermere roofing contractors specialize in a variety of services including:

    • Emergency roof replacement
    • Storm damage repair
    • Roof installation
    • Roof repair

    Types of Roofing Systems

    Roof install

    Low Slope Roofing

    These roofs reflect slopes lower than 14 degrees and are made from impermeable materials that are resistant to water. Low slope roofing systems include BUR (built-up roofing), modified bitumen, and single-ply membrane.

    Flat roofing

    Flat Roofing

    Flat roofs have very low slopes between ¼ - ½ inches per foot. These types of roofs do not drain as easily and therefore require certain kinds of material to remain impermeable in all types of weather.

    shingle roofing

    Shingle Roofing

    Shingle roofing is very common and uses various materials including wood, plastic, and asphalt. Shingle roofs are quite popular among homeowners because of their affordability, curb appeal, fire resistance, sustainability, and color variety.

    Tile roofing

    Tile Roofing

    Tile roofing systems are usually comprised of terracotta, or clay and overlap to increase water resistance. Tiling materials are usually heavier and thicker, making them stronger and more durable than other roofing types.

    Best Roofers in Hunter’s Creek

    Protect your home or business by hiring the best roofers in Hunter’s Creek! Our experienced Saint Cloud roofing contractors are trained in all categories of roofing systems and materials from large-scale metal roofing to basic tiling. We pride ourselves on providing superior quality, prompt service, and a positive experience for every client. With CFL Roofing, your company is in safe hands – contact us today to discuss your commercial roofing needs!

    • Flat roofing
    • Shingle roofing
    • Metal roofing
    • TPO roofing
    • Low slope roofing
    • Tile roofing

    Commercial & Residential Roofers

    Roof inspection

    Roof Inspection

    Our roofing specialists will perform an in-depth inspection to determine any existing damage that requires immediate attention or cause for concern.

    Roof install

    Roof Installation

    It is important to have experts install your roof to maintain structural integrity and avoid unnecessary complications or repairs down the road.

    Roof replacement

    Roof Replacement

    While a full replacement can seem like an alarming and expensive venture, it might be necessary if your roof is deemed unsafe.


    Roof Repair

    We’ll get your roof repaired as quickly as possible so that you and your colleagues can get back to business as usual.

    Areas We Serve

    We are a full-service roofing company with service areas throughout Central Florida and the neighboring cities. If your commercial or residential roof is in need of attention, contact our Hunter’s Creek roofing company today! We are happy to perform an inspection and give you a free onsite estimate. Review our location pages to learn more about our process, services, and how we can best serve you.

    and other areas of Central Florida.

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